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You can live a happier life, a more prosperous and a more peaceful life than you can ever imagine!

An experienced, result driven executive coach, spiritual thinker motivational speaker business consultant and a budding author for what’s generally called Life Reason and Purpose, Vision and Goal Achievement, Spiritual Development, Awakening, Transformation and Consciousness Expansion.







Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence & Neuroscience Graduate from SIYLI – SFO – USA

Mindfulness based stress Reduction Certified Trainer from UMASS

ICF Certified Executive Coach

Certified Yoga practitioner

NLP Practitioner

Certified Energy  Healer

awakning doorwayMy Awakening

Working so long in corporate world at leadership positions, I used to wake up every morning troubled by the consistent thought: “ Is there’s more to life than this. ”I knew I needed a change and I needed it PROMPTLY.

But I was ignorant about what that change would look like. However, it was urgent, as I knew my life’s real happiness was at jeopardy. I was simply living a life of illusion and far from reality.

 Spiritual PresenceMy Quest

I searched for truth, reality, happiness and satisfaction when I finally identified my purpose; I decided it was time to invest in me.

So after decade of research, soul-searching and self-reflection, I realized the best way to use my natural skills was to become a coach and I invested myself with one of the most renowned coaching schools in the world.  Apart from giving me a meaningful education, made me into a confident and effective coach.

light houseMy Purpose

My life has become a wonderful adventure, in every sense of the word. Nowadays I evenly balance my life with work, family and myself. I’m a proud father of an extraordinary boy and a loved husband. But life wasn’t always this way for me.

Today I am living with determination to help bring positivity, happiness and purpose to life to those who are fed up of thinking negatively, tired of delaying their happiness and living in constant state fear.

Through observing what I was attracting into my life and what I seemed to be creating naturally, I was able to identify my purpose, which is to serve others. My passion is to help others find their life purpose as well.

You have power to transform your life, don’t delay this is your wakeup call. Email me for your free session at

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