How to find way, when you are stuck in life !

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“There is nothing more painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong and you can’t see the way out”

Sometime you feel stuck in life and feel hopeless. Even after trying very hard for too long you don’t know if life will ever get changed. In your heart you know that you don’t belong to such organisation or relationship or situation but nothing seems to go right and things simply don’t change for better.

No amount of waiting, thinking, reading, praying, meditating or any other tricks seem to work. You try the same old things again and again and they fail you repeatedly. Low motivation, self doubt, frustration start to dwell in you permanently. Every day starts with a hope and dies with disappointment.

Most of the time you have no clue how to solve this maze and you are stuck in catacomb without any apparent reasons of yours.

Albert Einstein said. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”

This means you need to move out from your present level of intelligence and do something completely different.

Below are some steps which will always help you to come out of such sticky situations

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Move out of current mind-set and create a completely different thinking process.
  3. Move out of your comfort zone
  4. Dare to
  5. Don’t lookout for easy way out
  6. Create Opportunities
  7. Try to build partnerships and support
  8. Do not hesitate to take professional help of a Coach, mentor or guide
  9. Be Honest with yourself and others

“Luck only supports those who dare to dream and find a path to reach”

To make these happen, start with what I call an “ABCD” approach

  1. An action plan
  2. Belief in Self
  3. Constant motivation and guidance.
  4. Determination unshaken not stirred

Once you start the journey, success will also start its voyage with you and eventually both of you will meet often.

Gary Player – one of the most successful Golfer once said,
“The Harder I practice.. the Luckier I get”

A Coach and a mentor helps you identify your fears, overcome your doubts, remove your blockages, builds your confidence, improves your health and helps build nourishing relationship with colleagues, friends and family. This makes it easier for you to come out of stuck and hopeless situations.

Manish Behl – The author of this article is an International business consultant, Certified Business and Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker, Start-Up Mentor, Meditation and Yoga Practitioner. An aspiring author and blog writer, he shares his views to create values and purpose in your life.

I help you see your true purpose of life, connect with your inner consciousness, invoke your genuine wisdom, release your true power and open a world of unlimited possibilities. Maximise your potential and see the real Success.

You are invited for a free session to experience how you can take your life & career out of such situations.

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