Evolution of New Age Brand and Marketing

New age “Branding and Marketing”

Being competitive has become a challenge, as global businesses have turned more complex and complicated.

“We are living in a VUCA World – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous”. Without purpose and simply playing in hands of external forces.

In today’ world “Marketing is Dead”

Marketing is dead

A top Research Group of London conducted a study on 600 TOP CEO’s and decision makers. 73% to 77% have confirmed that their CMO’s lack the marketing aptitude to generate sufficient business growth and they all talked about the Brand equity linked with actual firm’s equity.

“Traditional marketing including advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications is dead. Many people in traditional marketing roles and organisations may not realise they’re operating within a dead paradigm. But they are. The evidence is clear” – Harvard Business Review

Birth of Conscious Marketing newborn

But at the same time evolution is taking place at a dynamic speed. The pace of transformation was never the same before.  Universe is in process to give birth to new indigo child called “Conscious Marketing”

New Age business needs to adopt a conscious branding principle. Each product or service has a ‘Spirit or Consciousness’ and the spirit of that product or service lies in its Branding and Positioning.

Brands are the messengers of trust for any organization based on which people build trust and reliability. Hence brand equity of your product resonates with the equity of your firm.

How deep your brand can influence

As a result of growing trends in society, consumer is not only looking for products and services that satisfy their needs but also searching for experiences and business model that touches their spiritual side. The values driven business model is the new killer app in Marketing” – Philip Kotler

There are two broad dimensions of Humans (Physical and Spiritual) and it applies to your product/Services/ Organisation/ Brand.

Physical:  It is the world we live in bodily and associates everything with Shape, type, colour, material, service and the entire physical characteristics that add to the physical dimensions.

Spiritual: This is the parallel world of reality that coexists alongside which embody different aspect of life, those which only can be felt deeper inside. Name, Brand, Vision, Mission, Values, Purpose and Persona build the spiritual dimension or spiritual identity

Time immemorial time people have put more emphasis on the physical dimensions and neglected the spiritual dimensions or consciousness.

Heart Mind and SoulSpiritual consciousness is closer to our intuitive mind, which splits into 3 further dimensions

  • Ethical – Soul
  • Intellectual or Rational – Mind
  • Emotional – Heart

Spirituality of your brand reverberates at a deeper level when it starts satisfies spiritual beliefs and needs of people and they build a deeper association and rapport with product creating deeper brand equity.

The collective energy of your organisation is your brand. The Spiritual reach of Brand is Infinite and It builds a stronger bond when it resonates at higher levels and touches the Ethical, Emotional and Intellectual vibrations of your target audience.


How to find the Real essence of your brand?

Todays the universe around the earth is changing rapidly. Some of these changes are not noticeable to human and some are visible.

There is a constant “SHIFT” which is taking place in humanity and even some of us have already started to resonate at higher frequencies. Slowly most of the humanity will change from the existing state to more awaken levels.

This is taking us towards our core spiritual nature of creating value in society and in others life.

“A brand is a person’s Gut feeling about a product, company or service” – Marty Neumeier   US Top Brand Guru

Your brand must go beyond a name, jingle or symbol. To build the Spirit of your brand you really need to define yourself genuinely as below.

  • Who are you – (Brand, Product, Organisation, People)?
  • What is the purpose?
  • What is the vision?
  • How your mission echoes with your consumers?
  • Who all will get benefited?
  • Why have you chosen the target market
  • What value creation and benefit it will provide?
  • How it bring peace and happiness to the society.
  • What is your offer to humanity?
  • How you look at service and consumer.
  • Where you place yourself in this Universe?
  • How you define your spirituality?
  • How significant is making a profit?
  • What does wealth and prosperity mean to you

The brand must honestly touch the Soul, Heart and Mind of consumer since in new age most of our communication will become more esoteric and parapsychological.

Anything, which is hidden, does not mean it does not exist. It’s like Wi-Fi, which is all around and giving us access to whosoever has the code, but physically we can’t see it or feel it.

Rise of New Age Marketing Ecosystem

The new age marketing is all about the Essence, Values, Environment and finally Happiness. It essentially works on following factors.

  • Spiritual Values
  • Value Driven products
  • Environment Values
  • Human Happiness

Philips Goldberg explains that this as “Inward-facing spirituality, in which individuals, whether or not they ever set foot on a yoga mat, turn inward to develop a connection with something larger than themselves.”

“Indian Yoga Guru BABA RAMDEV – New FMCG GURU”

“Does this ring a bell somewhere inside”


image by “Business Standard“

Baba Ramdev emerged as most successful FMCG brand of India. From Yoga to complete range of FMCG products he has penetrated first in Rural India and then made inroads in pan India FMCG market.

“Patanjali” – Sabki Sewa. Sabki Samridhi, Sabka Swasthya”

Meaning “Everyone’s Service, Everyone’s Prosperity, Everyone’s Health”


Today he is producing and selling almost full range of FMCG and Retail range of food, non-food, and Ayurveda medicines. This organisation is threatening to be biggest brand ever in Indian FMCG history.

The reason for the success is his brand is able to touch almost the entire spiritual dimension, which is even beyond the normal emotional, logical, ethical and intellectual planes.

Where it takes you?


No one can take or copy the real spirit your product and brand. The combined energy of your Brand, Service and organisation is the perceptive value (brand equity) what your consumer will connect and perceive.

It forms a true value, deliver awareness, build identity and create loyalty.

This value is limitless. Competition has a very less chance to win such a battle when an overall communications of your brand start to touch the spiritual levels and build a unique emotional connect with people and humanity as a whole.

“The amalgamation of spirituality into business and brand cannot happen at superficial level. Organisations need to weave it as part of its overall constitution” – Manish

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